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Calculating the charges
C L I C K    H E R E

Don't worry. The Plastic Surgeons of the Group of Independent Doctors have all worked in other countries and speak several languages. If you speak English, French, Italian, German or Greek, you will be able to talk to a doctor yourself. For other languages, a translator will be available as required. We will also help you with the rest of your stay by meeting you at the airport, taking you to your hotel in Athens, to the consultation and procedure as well.

Flying to Athens can be inexpensive if the flights are booked in advance. There are a number of airlines which operate from various European cities. Many of them have online booking facilities. Below is a small selection to help start your search:

Hair transplantations are not cheap. But, because our doctors are Independent, the Plastic Surgeons of the Group provide top quality treatment at very competitive prices.

Each Plastic Surgeon sets his own fees. However, to give a rough guide to the costs, a typical session of 1,000 grafts would cost between £4,500 - £7,000. Much depends on the area which needs to be treated and the availability of good donor hair. 1,000 grafts could consist of over 3,000 hairs.

Hair transplantations require skill and take time to perform. For example, extracting and isolating an individual hair follicle and then implanting it securely in the correct position cannot be hurried. Transplant sessions can vary between making hundreds to making thousands of such actions at a time. The fees the Plastic Surgeons charge will depend upon the number of grafts which have to be made and the methods used.

When comparing costs, it is important to note that the doctors here charge for the number of grafts made, not the number of hairs placed. Some clinics charge by the HAIR. A graft may contain between 1-5 hairs (depending on the extraction method) so the number of hairs transplanted will always be more than the number of grafts. For the follicular unit extraction method, there will be about twice as many hairs as grafts and for the multiple follicular extraction method there will be almost three times as many hairs as the number of grafts implanted.

When you request an Initial Consultation, the doctor will gather all of the information needed to assess the available donor hair and the extent of transplantation which will be possible and which will be appropriate for your particular situation. That is why it is particularly important to provide all information which might have a bearing on the amount of donor hair available, for example information about previous procedures, medication you are receiving, assessments made by other doctors etc. The Plastic Surgeon will recommend suitable treatment and specify the number of grafts needed and best techniques to achieve your desired result. His proposal will detail the costs involved (priced in Euros). When you accept the proposal, you will know exactly what the full cost of treatment is going to be
- there are NO hidden extras, there will be NO additional fees.

At the time of your procedure, the doctor will prepare the agreed number of grafts and will log each one as it is implanted, all extracted follicles are implanted, no follicles are discarded. The doctor will provide you with a record verifying exactly how many grafts have been made. The Plastic Surgeon will also give you his personal guarantee of his work.
All fees should be paid by major credit card or by Bank Transfer.
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The Group of Independent Doctors are all Plastic Surgeons based in Greece, a centre of excellence in the treatment of hair loss. You will be guaranteed personal, individual, discreet and confidential treatment by the doctor of your choice.
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