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Samos harbour

Hair transplantation lasts a lifetime. The follicles used for transplantation come from areas which are resistant to the effects of DHT - the cause of hair loss. For this reason, care should be taken with the placing of the implanted hair - it will be with you a long time. Plastic surgeons are able to give advice based on years of experience and are skilled at creating a new hairline which looks natural and attractive.

No. The donor area can have up to 50% of hairs removed before it starts to show. With a normal head of hair this means that up to 10,000 hairs can be taken for transplantation.

It takes about a year for the results of hair restoration to be fully appreciated. By that time, the implanted hair will have grown and you will be able to brush and trim your hair as normal.
Staying in Athens
Below is a small selection of hotels in, and close to, Athens. There are guide prices, brief descriptions and links to web sites to help you plan your trip.

Hotel Mistral

3 star hotel in Mikrolimano, Piraeus, overlooking the Mediterranean, close to yachting harbour and 30 mins from Athens centre.

Single with breakfast 70 Euros per night.
Double with breakfast 90 Euros per night.


Philippos Hotel

3 star hotel in the heart of Athens, close to the shopping centre of Ermou, the Acropolis and open market of Monastiraki.

Single with breakfast 85 Euros per night.
Double with breakfast 105 Euros per night.


Metropolitan Hotel

4 star hotel, 10 minutes from city centre, Syntagma Square and Ermou, 10 minutes from the port of Piraeus.

Double with breakfast from 137-159 Euros per night.(depending on season)


Herodion Hotel

4 star hotel in the heart of the old city, close to the Acropolis, the shopping centre of Ermou and open market of Monastiraki.

Single with breakfast 120 Euros per night.
Double with breakfast 150 Euros per night.


Divani Palace Acropolis

5 star hotel situated in the shadow of the Acropolis and within easy reach of the centre attractions.

Single or double with breakfast 150 Euros per night.


Divani Caravel

5 star hotel in the heart of the city, close to the exclusive shops and stylish cafes and restaurants of Kolonaki.

Single or double with breakfast 190 Euros per night.


Islands to visit
Below are a small selection of islands which can be visited easily, each has a brief description, the journey time to reach it and guide prices for places to stay on the island.


5 hours by ferry from Athens you will find the island of Spetses. A rocky island on which cars are banned from the main town! It is a lovely cosmopolitan and elegant island, the ideal destination for 2-3 days or a longer period of vacation. History has left a lasting imprint on every corner of Spetses. Lovely clear water for swimming either from rocks or a sandy beach. Take a small boat that leaves the port and goes across to Peloponisos for a day trip to a place called Kosta and return with the sunset!

Sample hotel prices
(low-high season, double room with breakfast):

Bays Apartments - 40-65 Euros per night

Valia Apartments - 46-90 Euros per night

Spetses Hotel - 85-115 Euros per night


The island of Poros is about 4 hours by ferry from Piraeus. The traditional town of Poros combines rest and tranquillity with sports and a lively nightlife. The island offers much to see, nice walks, crystal blue waters, a vibrant nightlife and warm hospitality.On Poros you are able to see a lemon forest!

Sample hotel prices
(low-high season, double room with breakfast):

Pavlou Hotel (3-star) - 70-95 Euros per night

New Aegli Hotel - 75-95 Euros per night

Poros Image - 80-115 Euros per night


Reaching the island of Syros takes 4 hours by ferry. The capital (and port) is called Ermoupolis and characteristically climbs two hills. The town has a nice cosmopolitan feeling and the main square with its impressive town hall adds to this. A market every day sells fresh vegetables and fish - do not forget to try the Halvadopita and Loukoumi, two local sweets for which Syros is famous! Beautiful beaches surround the island and you can choose between pebbles or sand from which to enjoy the beautiful water!

Sample hotel prices
(low-high season, double room with breakfast):

Francoise Hotel (3-star) - 46-70 Euros per night

Dolphin Bay Hotel - 46-115 Euros per night

Faros Village Hotel - 50-90 Euros per night


5 hours by ferry, the world famous island of the Aegean is bursting with life every summer when people from all around the world gather to enjoy days and nights filled with fun and enjoyment. But Mykonos also has some of the nicest beaches in the Cyclades with turquoise-blue waters, the ideal place to recover from the excesses of the night before! Close to the island is the uninhabited island of Delos, which is a vast archaeological site with superb monuments which draw thousands of visitors each year.

Sample hotel prices
(low-high season, double room with breakfast):

Myconos Beach Hotel (3-star) - 50-120 Euros per night

Lady Anna Hotel - 70-176 Euros per night

Royal Myconian Hotel - 125-225 Euros per night


The island of Paros is 5 hours by ferry from Piraeus, and has numerous beautiful beaches. The island has a famous church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Close by is the small island of Antiparos which you can visit for a day trip or where you can stay if you prefer quieter vacations.

Sample hotel prices
(low-high season, double room with breakfast):

Chroma Hotel - 75-125 Euros per night

Acquaemarina Hotel (4-star) - 86-170 Euros per night

Astir of Paros Hotel - 160-235 Euros per night


The island of Naxos is 6 hours by ferry from Piraeus. One of the larger islands of the Cyclades, its many attractions include beautiful silver sandy beaches, excellent facilities for water sports especially wind-surfing, a large mountainous interior providing extensive opportunities for hiking or climbing.

Sample hotel prices
(low-high season, double room with breakfast):

Naxos Beach Hotel - 60-130 Euros per night

Astir of Naxos - 65-130 Euros per night

Naxos Palace Hotel - 90-165 Euros per night


Also called Thira, thousands of people visit this island every year to watch one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. Some believe that this is the site of Atlantis which was swallowed by the sea when the volcano erupted 3,500 years ago, causing the end of the Minoan civilization. The capital of the island is called Fira, famous for the steep zig-zag steps leading from the quay to the town at the top! Each beach of this volcanic island is unique with red or black sand and red and grey cliffs falling into dark blue waters. Do not forget to visit Caldera a huge underwater crater and the small islands of New and Old Kameni and Thirassia with its underwater volcanic hot springs!

Sample hotel prices
(low-high season, double room with breakfast):

Santorini Palace Hotel - 95-155 Euros per night

Aressana Hotel - 105-170 Euros per night

Tzekos Villas Hotel - 118-195 Euros per night


The island of Rhodos is one of the furthest - 12 hours by ferry from Piraeus. The island has numerous ancient castles as well as the spectacular fortified old town of Rhodos. The large island caters for a wide range of tastes, from resort hotels beside the Mediterranean to hide-away retreats in the pine-clad mountains. You can find vibrant, pulsating nightlife or peace and solitude in plenty.

Sample hotel prices
(low-high season, double room with breakfast):

Cactus Hotel (4-star) - 40-80 Euros per night

Cosmopolitan Hotel (4-star) - 45-95 Euros per night

Rhodos Palace Hotel - 70-140 Euros per night

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