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C L I C K    H E R E

The tiny tubular sheath beneath the surface of the skin containing the organ which produces hair. Follicles producing hair on the head are often grouped together naturally and emerge from the same pore in the skin, sometimes up to five hairs at a time. All follicles and follicular groups are surrounded by an area of hairless skin.

By the number of grafts. A graft could contain from one to five hairs. The larger the area to be covered the more grafts will be required and the greater the cost. Your Plastic Surgeon will assess how much donor hair is available and establish what area is to be covered. It is then possible to determine the number of grafts needed for transplantation and to calculate the total cost. You will have been told of, and agreed, the exact cost before you start the procedure.
QCan a woman have a hair transplantation?

Certainly. When hair loss has been caused by androgenetic effect, transplantation can be used to cover the areas of hair loss. It can also be used to correct the shape and density of the hair front line and to increase the density of thinning hair by implanting between existing hairs. By carefully selecting the follicles, Plastic Surgeons are able to resolve the problems of the most demanding clients. If hair loss has been caused by hormonal problems, transplantation is not suitable. 

QHow long before I see results from a hair transplantation?

It takes about a year for the results of hair restoration to be fully appreciated. By that time, the implanted hair will have grown and you will be able to brush and trim your hair as normal. 

QWill pills and food supplements solve the problem of women's hair loss?

Specialised food supplements can stop hair loss if it is symptomatic alopecia. If hair loss is caused by androgenetic alopecia these treatments are just a temporary help. 

QWhich is the best way to tell if hair loss is symptomatic or androgenetic?

You should have your hormone levels tested and you should test for iron in your blood. If there is not a problem with your hormones or with your iron levels, then your hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. 

QI have noticed there are times when I lose more hair than normal but it doesn't seem to follow a pattern. What does
this mean?

This could indicate an interruption to the normal hair growth cycle and you should check to see if it is caused by a reaction to external factors or if it is caused by general health problems or even just a lack of care.

QMy hair loss was caused by hormone problems. Will the
lost hair grow back again?

If hormone problems are treated quickly, then hair will grow back normally but the longer treatment is delayed, the less likely re-growth will occur. 

QMy hair loss seemed to stop when I started a hormone therapy. Is there a possibility of hair loss returning if I stop the therapy?

It is very likely for hair loss to re-occur after hormone therapy has been stopped. 

QCan hair loss be caused by
a lack of iron in the blood?

Yes. Hair loss is one of the effects of a lack of iron in the blood. It is advisable that you check to see if you are suffering from iron deficiency. 

QCan a long period of iron deficiency (anaemia) cause permanent hair loss?

No. As soon you treat the deficiency and normalise the iron level in your blood, your hair will grow back again. 

QWhat effect will transplantation have on the surrounding hair?

The area surrounding the transplanted hair sometimes suffers temporary stress damage. This happens in about 50% of cases. The effect of the damage is for some of the neighbouring hair to fall out in the first month. This is only a temporary effect as the hair will grow back normally together with the transplanted hair. 

QCould I wear a wig after
a hair transplant?

Of course. The transplanted hair will grow beneath a wig as does normal hair. Some people prefer to continue wearing a wig until the transplanted hair has grown to a decent length. 

QCan I stop hair loss by
cutting my hair?

Cutting does not affect the hair root so the rate of hair loss is unchanged. Hair loss only occurs when something affects the formation of new hair in the root.

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